Chatterbox || Anime/Manga/Other Stuff from 2018

Part 2 of my personal update. More about random more happy things. Anime My escape from all the heavy feelings was our home and anime, manga, and drama series. I continued to watch and read various series as comfort. From July last year (my last update in 2018 was June), I managed to finish only … Continue reading Chatterbox || Anime/Manga/Other Stuff from 2018


Shugo Chara!’s Amu and Ikuto

Some days ago, I opened my Crunchyroll account again after about seven years (I think?). Our internet connection was worse then than now so I wasn't able to stream many anime series there. There's the licensing issue, too. Anyhow, I discovered that the last episode I was able to watch there was Shugo Chara!'s episode … Continue reading Shugo Chara!’s Amu and Ikuto