Queen Kanoka of Niiyama

Amanai Kanoka is a member of Niiyama Girls' High's volleyball team (Haikyuu!!). Their team is a powerhouse school and wins the Nationals so they are called the 'Queens'. Kanoka happens to be Ryuu's childhood friend who actually harbors feelings for him. I don't think I was able to give justice to this characters' adorableness. But … Continue reading Queen Kanoka of Niiyama

Half-Cold, Half-Hot

I did the lineart last week but it's just last night when I wanted to color it. I messed up a lot tracing the lineart and coloring. OTL Anyhow, here's Todoroki Shouto. I really love his character. And I totally ship him with Momo so I might do a fan art of them someday. He … Continue reading Half-Cold, Half-Hot