Karasuno Vs. Inarizaki | Development as Preparation

(edited 051320) TO THE PEOPLE DISCOVERING THIS POST'S EXISTENCE AS WE WAIT FOR THE 2ND COUR OF HAIKYUU SEASON FOUR: I wrote this post more than two years ago. The Shonen JUMP and MangaPlus applications were not available yet then. BUT they are now. That's why I'll be changing all of the screenshots I used … Continue reading Karasuno Vs. Inarizaki | Development as Preparation

Up-To-Date: Haikyuu!! 265-283 (Reaction Dump)

Recently, I binge-read Haikyuu!! from where I left it. I wasn't able to read it for months because of some things (I was only updated with Boku no Hero Academia and Daiya no A) in life. Anyway, I decided to re-post this here, though I edited it and added some reactions for the recent update … Continue reading Up-To-Date: Haikyuu!! 265-283 (Reaction Dump)