(Baka) Gun and Fire

I once wrote about Gakuen Alice before. It's an old shoujo anime following the life of the bubbly Sakura Mikan. It's an anime that I won't easily recommend to others but as I said in that post, it's a dear series to me for various reasons. Anyhow, who I liked in the series isn't the main … Continue reading (Baka) Gun and Fire

Up-To-Date (Not): Daiya no A Act II 120

I wasn't able to post this even if I already finished it some days ago because of some things. But I still want to share it because I really love this chapter. GO GO GO EIJUN! Even if I have written some posts about Daiya no A Act II, I haven’t really talked about its … Continue reading Up-To-Date (Not): Daiya no A Act II 120