Up-To-Date: Haikyuu 291

While I still can’t get over the last rally, the manga updates and AAAAHH! It’s such a good chapter! Of course, it starts with the still utterly shocked crowd as “one of the biggest upset of the Spring High Tournament” happened. We see the team gather around Kageyama and Hinata. And look at poor Tsukki … Continue reading Up-To-Date: Haikyuu 291


Some Romance Tropes and Some Personal Loveless Tales

February is a month usually many people get excited about particularly because it's the month when people, most especially couples, express their love toward another person. In anime/manga, especially in shoujo series, we see at least one chapter about female characters fussing about how to make chocolates or how to give chocolates to the guys … Continue reading Some Romance Tropes and Some Personal Loveless Tales