Up-To-Date: Haikyuu 297

Four chapters in and there’s so much I’m loving about this match. Though this certainly comes from someone who loves both teams. First, let me just say that I love the title spread so much and I’m so stoked to see some more of them in the future chapters! (Surely there will be because they … Continue reading Up-To-Date: Haikyuu 297

Up-To-Date: Haikyuu 296

Because I was so late with my previous post, here I am with the earliest UTD post I am able to do! Yaaaay! I love the title page here! It features our three adorable players. The chapter starts with Asahi and Nishinoya's chest bump. (I bet the AsaNoya fans are rejoicing!) It's just amazing how … Continue reading Up-To-Date: Haikyuu 296